Demolish and Rebuild Project Melbourne

Choosing the right knockdown rebuild project

After weighing up the options, selling and buying an established home or embarking on a renovation, you have settled on a knock down rebuild (KDR) project to achieve that home of your dreams – that’s one big decision out of the way. You’re happy with the area but you’ve outgrown the house, or maybe you’ve chosen an established area that is close to the kids’…

Money - knockdown rebuild

Financing your knockdown rebuild

You have found the perfect location for your dream home, it’s close to the schools you are after, the shops you like, great parks, transport nearby, everything is just perfect! BUT, the house is not perfect, in fact it’s not even ‘salvageable’. Or, maybe you are already in your forever location, but grown out of the house and a renovation project is going to tip…

Demolition Project

Choosing the right people to demolish your KDR house

Now that you have made the decision to go down the knockdown rebuild (KDR) path, have spoken to your builder who has inspected your KDR block AND you have signed a building contract for your new home, it’s time to think about the demolition. Each step of the KDR process, leading up to the commencement of your new home, requires careful planning and research to…

Knockdown new build project Melbourne

How to choose the right KDR Builder for you

The time has come where you have outgrown the family home, you just need an extra bedroom here, another bathroom there, and a kids’ play room would be good too. The fact is, renovating is an expensive exercise and there can be a degree of uncertainty around final project costs and completion dates – a lot of variables to consider. Another perspective to take is…